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To empower and inspire people of all ages and walks of life, to find strength, confidence and beauty​ through movement and body art.

For we are but boundless energy painted perfectly into shapes, and the canvas is called pole.


Our Mission

Ready to give pole a spin?

 "Peacock Pole Art is Southern Colorado's Premier Pole Dance studio, located in the heart of Pueblo, CO.

We offer a variety of pole classes for all levels from beginner to advanced. Our classes are designed to help you build  strength, flexibility, confidence, and the skills to become a legit bad ass poler.

Our team of instructors are experienced and certified to help you reach your pole goals in a safe and supportive environment.


We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors. Come join us and experience the art of pole dancing."

              Jaqueline Santos
Peacock Pole Art & Body Weight 

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