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Welcome to Peacock Pole Art

425 N. Santa Fe Ave.

Pueblo, Co 81003

(719) 242-5527

Our Mission

To empower and inspire people of all ages and walks of life, to find strength, confidence and beauty​ through movement and body art.

For we are but boundless energy painted perfectly into shapes, and the canvas is called pole.

Ready to give pole a spin?

Peacock Pole Art & Fitness is a pole dance studio for self expression, fitness and fun! We welcome all levels of fitness, genders and personalities!

 If you want to:

- Get a body sculpting workout to achieve a stronger and more toned body

- Try a dance class to get in touch with your more artistic or sensual side

- Admire the art of pole and want to learn how those talented polers do crazy things on a pole

- Have fun, dance and make new friends in a welcoming community that encourages your queen self

Then you will love what Peacock Pole Art has to offer!

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