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Welcome to our page of "Fitspiration"!

One of the things about embarking on a pole journey is every single person who steps inside the studio, always starts out as a complete beginner. With dedication to your weekly classes and some patience, you will soar beyond your expectations in this art and be doing things you have never imagined.

I am sure you have heard that pole fitness is a great workout, but the truth is once you get hooked on pole, becoming the strongest, healthiest, and fiercest version of yourself becomes more of a lifestyle. Hello year round Summer ready version of you!

This meme is our definition of Pole Art here at Peacock! You will discover there are so many shapes one can make with their body whilst wrapped around a pole! Hundreds! Maybe even Thousands of SHAPES! 

As a pole artist you will truly cherish the capabilities of what you can do with your body! From gaining the strength to do pull ups to appreciating your unique femininity, pole will open you up to a whole new world of self care. You will be encouraged to take Epsom salt baths and to speak loving words to your inner being.

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