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Peacock Pole Art Instructors

The aim of Peacock Pole Art instructors is to impact every student who comes in for class positively; to ensure they leave the studio feeling more confident, accomplished, appreciated, and more beautiful than when they came in.


Jaqueline Rose Santos - Owner

Certified Pole Dance Instructor/Master Trainer for Pole Fitness Alliance

Jaqueline has been dedicated to the art of pole for over 12 years, and has competed in many competitions to represent Pueblo, Colorado and all of its pole dance excellence.

Jaqueline enjoys introducing her students to all of the many shapes you can make on the pole with your body and how each different shape has a different energy and interpretation. By being able to express yourself, getting in a fun, but body sculpting workout, and by allowing oneself to evoke your inner queen, pole has a lot to teach people of all ages. This is part of the reason why Jaqueline is a huge believer in the physical and mental health benefits that pole dance/fitness provides.


Nadia Robinson

Certified Flexibility Coach/Pole/Choreography Instructor

Nadia Robinson is a Russian showgirl turned pole dancer! She has been dedicated to Pole Dance for over 12 years and has competed in numerous National and International competitions. Nadia loves illustrating the dexterity of pole. Nadia's mission as a flexibility instructor is to transform you into the BENDIEST BOSS you can be! Join her for Elastica, Choreography, and Hardcore Strength Building every week and watch how your pole dance reaches another level of amazing! 


Nichole Hilliard

Certified Pole Dance/Choreography Instructor 

Certified Twerk Technician

Nichole has been pole dancing at Peacock Pole Art since 2016, and has been instructing since 2019; teaching Beginner's Pole Dance, Choreography and Twerk. Nichole's journey with pole began as her looking for a way to express her artistic and creative side, while exploring her love of movement and dance. Nichole's goal as an instructor is to help others build their confidence through dance while supporting them on their pole journey and find their inner pole dancer.


Miranda Martinez
Pole Fitness Alliance Certified Pole Instructor

Miranda Martinez started lessons at Peacock Pole Art in 2019, putting in over 200 hours per year, training with arguably the most skilled pole experts in Colorado.

She has cultivated her knowledge in everything pole from flexibility, proper form/technique, choreography, and strength and conditioning that all have aided her in learning to create beautiful art on the pole. 

Self-love, empowerment, inspiration, discovery, confidence, endurance, and passion are some of the words used to describe her gains from her pole journey.

Miranda invites you to experience pole and begin your own journey in order to discover all the ways pole could be a positive awakening tailored just to you.  Miranda recieved her pole instructor certification in 2022 and is eager to help you reach your goals in a fun alternative fitness regimen.

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