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"I Will Never Be Able To Invert" :(

Whether you have been poling for a while or have always wanted to take a class but are still

mustering up the courage to do it – a common thought that holds some people back from ever

trying it or continuing in their pole journey is their assumption that they will never be able to “go

upside down”.

First of all, friends, in the pole world, we call “going upside down” – inverting.

Second of all, don't let self-limiting thoughts hold you back from trying pole dancing or staying

committed to your pole journey!

Inversions may seem intimidating, but unless you've been actively training to invert, you can't honestly

assume you're not capable.

Plus, there's so much more to pole dancing than inversions! There are hundreds of moves that

are just as cool and require skill, even if you don't lift your butt over your head.

These are some of the things you can be a badass poler at without ever inverting:

*Low Flow – focuses on slow, controlled movements and transitions. Often used to create a

more sensual and graceful look.

*Choreography – one can explore the artistry of pole dancing by putting their focus on creating

unique and beautiful choreography with styles ranging from contemporary, exotic, twerk, artistic,

and strip tease. There is a lot you can do using the pole as a prop. You can pirouette, dip,

spready, thready, spin, push, pull, kick, slink, jump, hold, bend, slide, climb, and drop. Add these

movements and the many interpretations of these to your pole repertoire and be amazed how

you can produce captivating pole art.

*Upright tricks – if you are struggling with inverting, as mentioned before there are hundreds of

other tricks you can do without ever lifting up into an invert. To give you an example, some of

upright baseline tricks that lead you to the more advanced variations are sits, hooks, armpit

holds, leg grips, flags, pole skates on spin, static power spins, fan kicks, elbow holds, climbs,

etc. With the help of a skilled instructor, and consistency in your training, you can also learn how

to get into inverted positions without ever needing to do a traditional invert. How? By lying into

an inverted leg hang from a jasmine! Learning this skill can really expand your horizons and

allow you to do many of your fantasy inversion tricks.

So don't be afraid to give it a try and be willing to work hard – you never know what you can

achieve! Bad ass pole dancers are not born, they are made. Now get out of your own way and

get your butt to pole class!

Jaqueline R. Santos

Owner/Instructor, Peacock Pole Art & Body Weight Fitness

Jaqueline Santos in a "Throne" sit, featuring an upright, elbow butt cheek grip.

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