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Overcoming Anxiety to Try Pole Dancing; A Voyage to Self Discovery

Have you ever wanted to try a pole dance/fitness class, but the anxiety of going somewhere

new, meeting new people, and trying something you aren’t sure if you can do paralyzes you to

the point of putting it off or simply never going?

If so, you aren’t alone. According to National Institute of Mental Health about 31% of people

experience anxiety at some point in their life* and pole dancing is represented as this

athletic, sexy activity for confident people.

The truth is though, most people come to pole class with little or no athletic background, or

never had the chance to explore what makes them feel beautiful.

Our wonderful student Hayley who has suffered with intense anxiety over the years shares

some tips that worked for her and what it was like coming in to do pole despite her anxiety

sometimes getting in the way of the things she wants to do in life.

Hayley has now been poling for 2 years at Peacock Pole Art & Body Weight Fitness.

At the time she heard about pole dance classes here in Pueblo she was having a hard time in

her relationship. Her BFF noticed Hayley was withdrawing and feeling insecure so she thought it

would be in Hayley’s best interest to find a safe place she could socialize and let her inner

queen shine to get out of this funk. As great as all of that sounded, it being 2020, the year of

social isolation, feeling hesitant to even go grocery shopping Hayley felt socially backed up and

had no idea that Peacock would become a second home to her.

After Hayley’s first class she felt so accomplished after doing her first back hook and dip; she

loved that feeling so she kept coming back. Initially she was worried about being judged, saying

the wrong thing, people not liking who she is, but quickly recognized that the people and

environment at the studio were so welcoming.

Advice for other anxious students wanting to come try a pole class:

- #1 tip from Hayley – bring a friend. Initially you may feel awkward or out of place, but a friend

could be comforting, especially if it is their first time poling too.

- Feel free to chat briefly. Veteran polers always remember how nerve wrecking it was to be in

your shoes, they will be nothing less than kind and encouraging and will most likely tell you

about their first experiences too.

- Arrive a little early to sign your forms and get your assigned spot, take a moment to breathe

and stretch until class starts.

- Mark down on your waiver if you have anxiety, as most instructors will acknowledge any

injuries or conditions they should be aware of before your first class and can be sure they aren’t

going to ask you to do a drop split twerk you just learned in your first class for your classmates.

- Remember, the pros were once beginners too and had to work HARD to get to their level.

- Be enthusiastic! You are learning to pole dance! It's the best first day of school you could ever


Hayley’s pole journey has given her more than just amazing pole skills, but also it’s trickled out

into other areas of her life, as pole has helped her know her worth and to not allow anyone else

to treat her less than the bad ass queen she is. She has witnessed many special bonds she and

everyone has at the studio and loves being a part of this uplifting group of people.

It’s commendable to even take that first step and sign up for your first class. Even if that means

you drive around the block 10 times before coming in or over research what your first pole class

will be like – if you want to try a pole class, just go. You won’t regret it.


Hayley has overcome her anxiety to try pole, you can too!

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