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The Origins of "Peacock"

Peacock Pole Art & Body Weight Fitness.

It has a nice ring to it, eh?

But why a “peacock”? Many ask.

So we figured we would tell you our thoughts and ideas that led to our decision of a Peacock becoming the trademark for our pole studio.

When originally choosing the name we wanted something that promoted the intention of blossoming, flourishing and thriving through the means of pole dancing. Thus, the connection between the transformation a peacock takes when they shake and rattle to display their beauty and how in one’s own journey in pole it allows us to showcase our own extravagant, beautiful colors to the world (that were there all along) and to make the beauty of our presence known- Peacock Pole Art was born.

The symbolic interpretation of a peacock represents many of our values that we encourage our students to nurture in their lives.

A pole journey is more than just “a pole journey” - it’s a journey of cultivating more self love, pride, poise, courage and confidence that are all qualities in alignment with what a peacock in full plumage depicts.

The biggest takeaway in pole class that blesses everyone who dares to start this new chapter of self discovery is that, we can do HARD THINGS! To challenge your limits and not limit your challenges; And with enough grit to keep going in times of doubt- from this point we have the fortune to astonish ourselves by creating the most spectacular art our minds can imagine. Pole is not just dancing, fitness or elegance- it’s about appreciating the seemingly impossible things you can teach your mind and body to do and relishing in it.

A quote to leave you with of why a peacock illustrates the vision we have and the impact Peacock Pole Art strives to encompass;

“A symbol of spectacular beauty, the peacock reminds us that true beauty is achieved through transformation and growth. For us humans, our own beauty shines as we evolve emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – or in the other ways we choose to improve our lives and those of others.” -Kirsten Stanten

We hope through your trust in Peacock Pole Art you leave our studio feeling more beautiful, confident, radiating with pride and ready to shine.

-Jaqueline R. Santos

Owner, Peacock Pole Art & Body Weight Fitness

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