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Top Tips for a Pole Class Newbie

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

After numerous exposures to pole dance excellence on TV, in your community, and maybe

even seeing some friends on social media trying this intriguing apparatus, you're finally ready to

take your first spin! The pole community is truly one of the most inclusive, welcoming groups

there is and anyone who has the desire to use pole as a way to get fit, for art, or drumming up

more sensuality in their lives, there is space at our table for all of us. We want you to feel

prepared and enjoy the experience from day 1, that’s why we’ve gathered our best tips for

beginner polers here. We are thrilled you are finally releasing your inhibitions and coming to fly

with us.

1. You do not need to be a beast in the gym to start your pole journey. The most efficient way to

get strong for pole is to simply start coming to pole. Pole is an amazing alternative to a

traditional gym to get a good strength building workout in, and you will get more flexible too.

Even doing your first spin on the pole you will activate your triceps, biceps, lats, and abs – and

when you point your toes and engage your entire lower body as required for good form it turns

into an entire full body workout. Typically in pole class we will start with a bodyweight fitness or

mobility warmup, then you will have time to learn and drill various types of spins and tricks.

2. Have an open mind and be willing to try new things. You might feel shy or worried that you

are going to look silly, but it’s ok. We all felt awkward in our first class. Once you get familiar

with the warmups, stretches, and have an understanding of pole technique, it becomes less

clumsy and you will start to develop more grace than before.

3. If you cannot get something the first time, do not fret – we have lots of variations and many

other prompts for you to try. When you realize how truly capable and close you are to reaching

your pole goal, it will build the motivation to continue trying to understand and master the task at

hand, and it will be so rewarding to finally accomplish the seemingly impossible feat.

4. Do not compare your abilities to others. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Someone who may be amazing at static pole may have a hard time with spin pole. Someone

who is really athletic and can do flips like a gymnast may not be so great at fluidly moving

around the pole. Someone who may be good at body grips may not be so good at poses that

require a lot of grip strength. In order to become proficient in all areas of the pole it is important

to have a well-rounded practice. If you have trouble doing anything right off the bat in pole, do

not feel incapable, just listen to your coach and give yourself time to learn this brand new mind

twisting thing. Yes, pole is not easy, it will require you to focus on mind-body connection and

learn new body mechanics that you have never done before.

5. Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your range of motion. If it’s chilly outside feel

free to wear something that covers your legs but always bring shorts. We do not wear street

shoes in the studio so no special footwear is necessary. Pole footwear (gorgeous pole platform

stilettos) is not necessary for your first class. Avoid wearing bracelets or rings. It could make it

harder to grip the pole, can potentially cause injury, and scratches the pole. No fresh oil or lotion

on your hands or body. A dry pole is a safe pole. We want to be able to have a strong grip, but

slippery skin can make it difficult. Do bring a water bottle to stay hydrated, a yoga mat for

warmups, and a positive attitude to rock that pole!

-Jaqueline Santos

Owner/Instructor, Peacock Pole Art & Body Weight Fitness

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